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Houses are very complicated and often you will not know a problem exists until it

breaks or disaster happens. My courses are designed to equipped you with the necessary tools

to identify problems on your home or one you may want to buy.


Tools For Inspecting Your Home

One You May Want To Buy

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Buying or selling a house:

Knowing the mechanical and physical conditions which can affect value is imperative!!

Whether these problems could exist on your home or a house you want to buy, you will save a lot of time and money when you are equipped to recognize deficiencies in a house.

After completing this course you will have a basic knowledge of the components of a home, be able to recognize problems, have a basic understanding of how to correct problems, which problems are extremely bad and which are manageable. You should be able to walk the exterior and interior of the home and recognize conditions which are expensive to fix and can affect value.

Home fire inspection checklist


What will you do if a fire breaks out where you live?
Most of us never think that we will ever experience a house fire.
 So we are going to cover everything in your dwelling that will help you discover any fire safety problems and what to do about them.
 We will teach you how to check all your fire equipment and most importantly new equipment for your evaluation.

We’re going to cover things outside your home and everything from the kitchen to the basement, from smokers to candles, barbecue pits to bedrooms, electrical to water heaters. 
It will be a room by room inspection utilizing the fire inspection checklist.

You definitely will be glad you took this course for the safety of you and your loved ones.

New Home Construction


So you want to build your dream home?

This new course is designed to take you through the planning stages all the way through you’re completed dream home.

There are eight modules to this course

  1. Planning for the build
  2. Architectural plans through waterproofing foundations
  3. Framing
  4. Roofing, chimneys, decks and concrete flat work
  5. Exterior coverings
  6. A closer look at the exterior and interior
  7. Mechanical systems – plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning
  8. The final walk-through

So proud of you for taking the time to check out all eight courses (knowing what’s the builders doing) I hope we have been able to bring your dream home a little closer. There sure was a lot to learn about what it takes to build a house even before you put as spade in the ground. I hope you will enjoyed all eight courses and I look forward to you taking more courses from me in the future.

About Me

My name is Bill Sharp
I will always tell the truth. I’m an old builder/developer, the first home inspector in Georgia, founded the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors, and for the past 23 years have been teaching Realtors and Appraisers their required hours for continuing education in five states. All of my courses have been designed around discovering and understanding problems associated with residential construction.
Please view the video on the right side to learn more about me and my teaching style. Together we will learn a lot about your home or home you may want to buy.

Getting To Know Me

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